January 9 2016

How Getting Engaged Helped Push Me To Lose Weight

Just after I proposed

How did getting engaged help push me to lose weight? Well first let me jumping back a bit. It’s all about head space. Getting your mind in the right place to change your life is comprised of different factors. For me it’s been numerous factors, but this is one of the most important.

Stop Being Selfish

Mahatma Gandhi said “selfishness is blind”. At the time he may not have been speaking in the same regard as me, however it’s completely correct. There’s no easy way to say it, I had to stop being selfish with my life. I had to stop being blind to the fact that the more I lived the life I was living, the more time I would rob from my fiance and I. Why should she invest her love in me if I didn’t love her enough to make me look after myself? I couldn’t keep hurting her like that. Weighing 200kgs (441lbs) mean that I could have passed away at any time, I was a ticking time bomb.

My fiance is an angel, I know she will love me regardless, however for me to expect that love is also completely selfish. We had talked about marriage openly, but before I asked the question I pledged to her that I would improve my life.

Change Your Life to Pledge Your Life

Let’s be honest here, marriage is an oath to each other, an oath to be the best possible person you can be for your other half. On top of this it is taken in front of everyone close to you. How could I sincerely take such an oath weighing almost 200kgs? It would be a lie.

Unfortunately, I won’t be at my goal by the time we marry (Update: We’re married), but I will be closer and my pledge will continue.

I will give her everything I have, including more time together.