The Final Fertility Test - Results


The Final Fertility Test – Results

Part 1



I guess I’ve been putting off talking about these results. Some time ago my wife and I received the final results of my fertility test. It’s taken me some time to get my head in the right space to be able to write about it or even think about it too much. There’s been a lot going on which I’ve touched on briefly here. Although things things have been improving since that post I haven’t really wanted to put the results into words.

The results showed an improvement but no where near where we need them to be. I have 1/10 of the amount is considered “normal” and the motility is still poor. It’s much better than 1/40 of my initial test  when I was at my biggest. However it means confronting a major hurdle that I’ve put off until now. 

 It’s incredibly disappointing to face the fact that I may have missed the boat to rectify my fertility issues with weight loss. I still have around 30kgs to go before I reach my goal and there still might be room for improvement in regards to the overall sperm count and health.

The worst thing about this is the guilt I feel regarding this. The blame for this rests firmly on my shoulders, it’s not something that was accidental or hereditary. It’s due to the way I treated my body and although I am content with living the consequences of my actions I regret that my wife is inadvertently affected by this as a result.

The silver lining is there’s still hope and there is an improvement no matter how slight. We still have options and that’s a lot more than others have.

The irony is I doubt this will be the last test that we have.

Here’s to the last 30kgs.