Open Up Podcast

Thank you to Open Up Podcast for the opportunity to share my story.

It has taken me 20+ years to come to grips with my past. I feel privileged to be in a place where I can use my experiences to help others.

This is why I started Beneath the Surface and why I’m motivated to share my experiences. 

When we talk about mental health, we have a tendency to talk about it in a vacuum. My mental health issues developed from what i experienced in my early years. As a result my physical and mental health deteriorated the more I ran from my past.

The only way I could take control of my health was to confront my past and use it as a source of strength and motivation for change.

Sharing my story will hopefully help others confront what they’ve been running from and give others some clarity on the issues some of us face.

Love you guys and thank you so much for helping me reach this far ♥️


You can listen to the podcast episode at these links: