Obesity and Mental Health Talks

Obesity & Mental Health Talk


Obesity and Mental Health Talks

During my weight loss journey I kept coming across a familiar problem, people who were actively helping me change had little to no knowledge of the issues and problems faced by people who are super obese. Whether it be personal trainers, health professionals or therapists, there’s very little knowledge out there as to how and why someone could weigh 200kgs, let alone being able to prepare someone for the issues they’d face along the way.

As someone in this situation, knowing I needed to desperately change my life, it’s almost impossible to find anyone who has the knowledge and/or understanding to help without pulling into the bag of tropes that include the eating less and exercise mantra. This isn’t necessarily their fault either, very few people reach super obese levels, let alone find the motivation and drive to overcome the myriad of issues it encompasses, let alone being willing to be completely open and honest about their experiences. There’s a severe lack in the body of knowledge to draw information from.

Obesity and Mental Health Tallk - Green Zone Joondalup

Obesity and Mental Health Tallk – Green Zone Joondalup

There’s one thing that needs to be said so clearly that it’s understood without any bias or prejudice. One doesn’t weigh 200kgs without something behind it. Obesity is not the underlying problem, it’s often the symptom of a number of issues. Self destructive behaviour doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it doesn’t just appear. We seem to understand this point when it comes to addiction, self harm or suicide but ignore it when it in terms of obesity. 

Obesity & Mental Health Talk - Lords Subiaco

Obesity & Mental Health Talk – Lords Subiaco

How can this be rectified? Sometimes the best way to learn is first hand, from the source. With that in mind I decided to develop talks that would help educate those whose roles it is to help those who want and need to change. The talks focus on my journey, focusing on 4 distinct periods from childhood to the person I am today. They explore the moments and events that shaped my mental health and my relationship with food, how my food addiction developed and what it has taken to change.

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